The Sun Queen


“The Sun Queen” is a dazzling new musical based on the true story of Julie d’Aubigny.

She ignites a country. She discovers true love. She lays down her sword.

Julie, a passionate, gender-defying opera singer conquers France with her courage, sword skills and mesmerizing voice. Julie’s adventures are filled with broken rules, and crimes, as she captivates audiences and finds true love. Experience Julie’s incredible story and be inspired by her indomitable spirit. “The Sun Queen” promises to leave you astonished, musically enthralled, and passionate about this extraordinary woman’s rise to greatness.

Script, Lyrics, Music – Tarita Botsman
Dramaturge – Anika Chapin
Worldwide rights are held by TL BOTSMAN

This work is currently being produced for stage and screen in conjunction with True Friend Productions, USA, and Cre8ion, Australia.